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 If there is one thing we all remember about a dinner party is the feeling of being comfortable and treated well at someone's place. Be it a get-together or a party; a good host matters more than anything else. We know hosting a party or a gathering can be nerve-wracking and a hectic experience. You have to manage several things at once, and many last-minute stresses that you have to deal with – but you can always avoid this if you have your day pre-planned.

There are no hard and fast rules, or a fixed guidebook that you can follow to become a good hostess. Being a good host comes naturally with a bit of effort. However, we agree it can be a little difficult and tense when hosting your first dinner party or a get-together with your friends. But you have to trust us; it gets better with time and experience.

If you are still in the early stages of being a hostess, we are here to help you. Here are 3 tips you can follow to become a great hostess.

1.    Be Welcoming Towards Your Guest

As a hostess, it is essential to give your guests a warm welcome and make them feel at home. It is always advisable to offer your guests a comfortable place to sit, some refreshments, and your time.

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2.    Prep Everything Prior to The Event

One thing your guests want from you when they're visiting you is your time. If you have your guests sit awkwardly in the dining area or the drawing-room while you are out preparing dinner or setting the table – they might feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, it is suggested to be well prepared before the arrival of the guests. Try to get done with cooking the food, setting the table, Cheese Platter, and other tasks so you can spend maximum time with your guests.


3.    Focus on Presentation

Keep in mind any specific allergies and dislikes of your guests to ensure they have a good experience at your place. One thing your guests will never forget is the presentation of the food. Speaking of presentation, table setting plays a vital role in a party.

Your guests will have a good experience if they are served food in a good ambiance. Try to color coordinate your dinnerware with the napkins, use modern cutlery and Placemats, put cute and matching napkin rings, flowers...Most people do not understand the importance of presentation but let us tell you, it is a significant part of hosting a gathering and will only show the thought and effort you put in being a good hostess.

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February 18, 2022 — Gloria Kucich Dearmas