At The Shop’n Glow, we are proud to offer you high quality and durable jewelry. But it’s important for us to help you learn how to treat it with a little extra care to keep it looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.

 As a rule, I always put my jewelry on last when I’m getting dressed… But I want to share a few tips with you to help you take care of your pieces:

 Wear your pieces

 This is one of the best advices I can give you to keep your sterling silver accessories shinny and beautiful. The oils from the body have a cleaning effect, so they help prevent tarnishing! Keep in mind that some activities can accelerate tarnishing, or even cause corrosion on your pieces; so, it’s better that you remove your jewelry before doing any of these activities:

 Household chores. Things like doing dishes, laundry or using cleaning products can take a toll on your accessories.

  1. Exercise or contact sports. Sweat can increase the risk of tarnish in your sterling silver, and contact sports increase the risk of damage and tear.
  2. Showering, bathing, swimming, hot tubs or saunas. So, remember to take your accessories off before!
  3. While in very hot places, like lying out in the sun at the beach or the pool.
  4. When getting ready: putting on lotion, makeup, hair products and specially, perfume. Wait until you are ready to make the final touches and put on your beautiful jewelry.


Store it carefully

 Always keep your jewelry in a dry place, making sure to separate each individual piece. It’s important to keep your gold and silver pieces separated from each other. Do NOT bunch several pieces in the same bag in order to save time or space; doing this can create tangling, scratching and even tarnishing. A great way to avoid tangling, is to keep your chains and necklaces hanging. There are many great storage options to keep our jewelry pieces… Next time can talk more about exploring those options.


Keep it shinning… Buff it with care

 Even if your jewelry doesn’t need to be cleaned, buffing it occasionally is a good way to keep it looking like new. Always use a soft chamois cloth, and gently rub the surface of the piece. Doing this can help restore the shine of the piece right away, without much effort. There are many products to choose from for taking care of delicate and special jewelry… That is another subject we can talk about on a later issue… what do you think?

 Travel with it, safely

 When traveling, make sure you use a special case to protect your jewelry. Just as I mentioned before, there are many great storage options to use when traveling with our pieces…

 Keep in mind all these simple tips, you’ll see that taking care of your jewelry is very easy, and you’ll always have beautiful earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets looking like new… and that will last for years to come!


See you soon!