I am a Venezuelan graphic designer and fashion entrepreneur and have had the chance to participate in different areas in the fashion industry in my home country and in the United States where I currently live. 

I have always been committed to help people that have had less opportunities, so when I started this new adventure, doing something to make the world a better place immediately became part of the organization’s core values.

In The Shop'n Glow we want to make a better place by helping others, especially children that have very limited access to food, health and education. We want to help children in order for them to become an asset to the community when they grow up.

That is why we have devised two ways of contributing to worthy causes. 

To begin, a percentage of our sales will be donated to charities that focus on the wellness of the children, especially focusing on the children of Venezuela and the United States.

Our organization can also contribute by donating one of our pieces to your fundraising event, such as an auction or raffle.

We are proud to have been able to help organizations such as: 

  • Food for the Poor
  • M Foundation
  • Fe y Alegria Foundation
  • Breath a Little Bit Foundation

Please Contact Gkucich@theshopnglow.com if you want us to be part of your event.