Mystery of the Green Skin: Why Jewelry Turns You...Lime?

Ever noticed a green tint on your skin after wearing certain jewelry? Don't panic, it's not an alien abduction (although that would be a story...). Here's the science behind the green magic:



The Culprit: Copper! Yep, this common metal loves to react with sweat, lotions, and even your skin's natural oils. This reaction leaves behind a green residue, like a tiny chemistry experiment on your skin.

Who's Most Likely: The green spotlight shines brightest on metals containing copper, like:

  • Brass, bronze, and pewter: These are like copper's best friends, so expect a higher chance of seeing green.
  • Sterling silver: Contains some copper, making it a potential green-giver.
  • Gold: Don't let the shine fool you! Even 14k and 18k gold have some copper, though higher karats have less.

Good News: Relax, this green isn't harmful! It's just a cosmetic effect and washes off easily with soap and water.

Pro-Tips to Avoid the Green:

  • Know your metals: Opt for copper-free options like stainless steel, platinum, or higher karat gold (22k or 24k).
  • Clean often: Regularly wipe your jewelry and remove it before showering or swimming.

So, while your jewelry might give you a touch of the Incredible Hulk, remember it's just a harmless chemical reaction. Now go forth and accessorize without fear of turning green!

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February 22, 2024 — Gloria Kucich Dearmas